About Aesthetic Nursing

Aesthetic medicine is a clinical specialty, providing minimally invasive medical treatments to enhance patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance. The procedures are elective and performed on adult patients who are usually otherwise healthy.

This practice is also known as Cosmetic Medicine, Appearance Medicine or Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Why do people seek aesthetic medical treatments:

To treat skin and tissue imperfections and abnormalities caused by caused by some or all of the following:-

Treatments provided by cosmetic nurses include the following:

The above list is not exhaustive.

It’s important for any patient considering an aesthetic treatment to understand that all treatments contain an element of risk. All aspects of treatment should be fully explained to the patient. Patients should also ensure that their practitioner is fully trained and experienced in the proposed procedure.

The Nature of Aesthetics:

Aesthetic medicine is a young specialty, with substantial development in the area surfacing in the 1990’s. The birth of such a movement has been born out of developments in both technology and experience. Dermal filler and Toxin treatments have been available long before this (dating back to the 40’s and 50’s in some reports) but this leads to a very one dimensional outcome for patients due to limited experience and treatment options. With developments and diversity in products and technology, the expansion of skills and treatment options improved dramatically. These continued to develop making subtle improved patient aesthetic outcomes more achievable day to day.

As Medical Aesthetics is a relatively new discipline, it is imperative for Practitioners to continually update and develop their skills through education and Peer Reviews. Groups like DANAI plan to play an integral part in progressing and developing appropriate educational programmes, thus enhancing improved and safer results for their patients.